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Thank you for your interest in the guns made by Texas Longhorn Arms, Inc. and Grover Arms, Inc. The story of Bill Grover, his guns, and the myriad people and ideas behind them is fascinating and one that has been too long untold. Please browse and enjoy the ever expanding content of this site. Here, you will find pictures and information about Bill Grover and his guns, along with updates regarding the upcoming book, TEXAS LONGHORN ARMS - THE STORY OF BILL GROVER AND HIS GUNS.

We also invite you to be part of recording the history of Texas Longhorn Arms and Grover Arms. We would greatly appreciate your filling out a data survey for each TLA or Grover gun you own. You can find links to this form in MS Word and PDF formats on our Collector's Survey Page. We also appreciate any stories, pictures, or other information regarding Bill Grover and his guns that you wish to share in the book or on this site.

Please check back with us often. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Stephen Webb - Author, Researcher, and Collector 


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